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Feralvilla Large Feeding Station II

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Feralvilla Large Feeding Station II
Large Feeding Station II
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A close cousin to the popular Feralvilla shelter, the Feralvilla Large Feeding Station allows food and water bowls to be protected from rain, snow & falling leaves. It also gives the cats a place to eat in relative comfort out of the elements. The Feralvilla Large Feeding Station is even large enough to accommodate food and water bowls for dogs. The floor is elevated about 8" above ground level on rot-resistant pressure-treated legs, and has a generously sized front opening.

Some folks have even used the Feralvilla Large Feeding Station as a summer shelter for cats, or in areas where the weather isn't inclement enough to need the full insulated, weather-resistance of the Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter.

The Feralvilla Large Feeding Station is shipped in a ready-to-assemble kit, and assembly typically takes about 20-30 minutes. All parts and illustrated assembly instructions and even necessary screws are included. A cordless drill/screwdriver is strongly suggested.

Utilizing LP's patented SmartSide system, the Feeding Stations have a clean, uniform look with a beautiful wood grain texture. SmartSide is free from knots, voids or cracks and does not warp like traditional plywood.  The proprietary SmartGuard process protects against fungal decay and termites. The manufacturing process uses all parts of the wood from trees, making it a much more Earth-friendly product than traditional plywood. The lower legs which come in contact with the ground are pressure treated.

Thanks to the patented SmartSide system, we no longer offer painted Feeding Stations. The Feralvilla Large Feeding Station comes with exterior surfaces pre-primed in a neutral tan color. The manufacturer of the siding material recommends that the siding be painted for maximum life. From our own experience, the siding will hold up for several years without being painted. If you wish to paint the Feeding Station, we recommend using a quality exterior latex paint.

Overall size of the Feralvilla Large Feeding station is 22" wide by 22" deep and the height is about 26" at the highest point. The shingles overhang on all sides, so if space is critical, allow for some extra room at the roof.

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Rating Larger Station a Good Choice
I bought a small feeding station and realized it only shelters the dishes, not the dining cat (well, this is a plus in inclement weather, too). I then ordered the larger feeding station and find that our fearful feral yard cat seems to be much more relaxed in this feeding shelter. He stays quite a long time eating without constantly looking around fearfully. It looks fine on our porch, too! I heartily recommend the larger feeding station.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Tamaqua, PA. - 2/18/2021
Rating Love It!
My wife and I have been feeding a couple feral cats and a couple opossums since the summer. We have trail cameras set up to monitor the bowl. Its pretty neat to see how the animals interact and how often they come. As winter set in here in Michigan we started noticing snow and rain would fill the bowl even while it still had food in it. We needed to find something to try to keep the food bowl covered. I found the FeralVilla feeding station from an article about best outdoor cat shelters, which listed the FeralVilla Shelter. We decided to give it a go. It arrived EXTREMELY quickly and was very well packaged. Instructions were easy to follow and assembly was quick and easy. The finished product looks fantastic!! Well be painting ours when the weather gets a bit nicer, but we wanted to get it out so it could be used. Almost immediately two of the cats were in it and eating, out of the falling snow. A third cat seemed unsure of it, but hope hell figure it out. Finally, one of the opossums also seemed a bit hesitant, but Im guessing the food will eventually overcome the hesitation. Overall this is a great product. I love it!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Jackson, Mi. - 1/8/2020
Rating TNR supporter
Placed an order for my second large feeding station. The first Feralvilla feeding station I purchased is still holding up great. The design allows food and water to be placed inside, with room for a couple of the cats to eat at the same time; out of the weather (snow or rain as the case my be).
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. - 4/29/2017
Rating Fabulous!
New neighbors moved in a little less than a year ago, bringing 4 unaltered cats with them. Two litters later (and once I found out about what was happening), I went trapping. 3 down, 4 to go. Their "people" leave them to fend for themselves. As I've been TNR-ing, I've noticed that the cats don't want to leave me, they liked being fed. So I went shopping for a feeding station and found this one. It's wonderful. Large enough to tuck the food and water all the way in the back and the cats can still be completely covered while they eat. That's been especially important this year, the year when our drought was finally broken. AND it matches my house! I do have it placed under/behind an oleander for privacy. Easy to put together, great directions. And I'm looking forward to a dry day so I can take the roof off (LOVE this feature!) and hose it out. Thank you, there are some very happy unsocialized kitties in my neighborhood now!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Northern California. - 3/6/2017
Rating Great Feeding Station
This is our second order from Feralville, we purchased 3 houses a few years ago. The feeding station is great and the customer service is great. This station was really easy to put together, my wife and I banged it out in about 20 minutes with an electric screw gun and no fighting... I would recommend this if you need a feeding station.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Brentwood NY. - 11/4/2016
Questions and Answers
Q: What is the approximate weight of the feeding station (need to know if it's fairly easy to move around)?
Asked by: Portia - 1/21/2015
A: The large feeding station weighs approximately 33 lbs with shingles. If it was much lighter, ir might blow over in a strong wind.
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Answer provided by:  Administrator (1/21/2015)
Q: What is the clearance of the station floor from the ground?
Asked by: Lee Lover - 9/23/2014
A: There is 8" under the floor, however there is a center brace under the middle of the floor that protrudes down about 1-1/2".
Was this answer helpful?    57 of 57 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/23/2014)