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Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter II

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Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter II
Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter
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Newest version of the world's best-selling outdoor cat shelter! It's the same great design proven for more than 10 years, now with attractive new pre-primed exterior panels.

How it works:
Cats enter through either of the openings on the bottom. They pass through a baffle, or windbreak to the rear of the shelter where they go up through an opening to the fully-insulated upper level, or bedroom. Inside the cozy, upper level, the cat is protected from rain, wind and snow in a way that other shelters simply can't offer!


Utilizing LP's patented SmartSide system, the shelters have a clean, uniform look with a beautiful wood grain texture. SmartSide is free from knots, voids or cracks and does not warp like traditional plywood.  The proprietary SmartGuard process protects against fungal decay and termites. The manufacturing process uses all parts of the wood from trees, making it a much more Earth-friendly product than traditional plywood. The lower legs which come in contact with the ground are pressure treated. The upper level is insulated on all sides, including the floor and roof. The insulation is 1/2" thick polyisocyanurate foam (not styrofoam) which is non-toxic and has a heat reflecting aluminum foil face on both sides. We install the insulation prior to shipping your shelter.

The FeralVilla Outdoor Cat Shelter assembles in about 15-30 minutes. A cordless screwdriver/drill is highly recommended, but it can be assembled with nothing more than a philips screwdriver. Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions and even the necessary screws are included.

Thanks to the patented SmartSide system, we no longer offer painted shelters. The Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter comes with exterior surfaces pre-primed in a neutral tan color. The manufacturer of the siding material recommends that the siding be painted for maximum life. From our own experience, the siding will hold up for several years without being painted. If you wish to paint the shelter, we recommend using a quality exterior latex paint.


Overall size is 22" wide by 22" deep and about 22" tall at the peak of the roof. The upper, insulated "bedroom" is about 20" wide by 20" deep and the height varies from 10" to 12".

Additional pictures below

Need more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

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Interior view
Shelter view from bottom

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Rating Highly recommend
I bought one of these shelters to help a feral cat during our cold PA winter. I was concerned she would not adopt the shelter but it literally took one day. I have tried many different shelters over the years trying to help the outdoor strays and ferals and hands down this has been the absolute best. Insulated and well designed, leaving nothing further I had to do with it. I put it together and had in use a hour later. I am sure I will own several of these in the future. Thank you for the great design!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pittsburgh PA. - 5/30/2021
Rating Most Excellent!
Hello- we have had a mother cat visit us for about three years. We always believed she was someone’s cat, Yet, we always fed her and petted her. About 2 weeks ago she showed up, chirping at the back door, with four 10-12 week old kittens, who were very hungry. (At 0330 am!). Last weekend we purchased the FeralVilla and a feeding station. When they arrived I put them together (Easy) and thought- it will be next fall before they use them. This morning, they all moved into the house! I am very pleased with the design and it appears that cats are even happier than I am. All five kitties go for spaying/neutering Monday!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. - 6/13/2020
Rating Awesome houses
Bought 2 of these for my colony. These are very well made and are used constantly. Will be buying more as I try to reduce the number of styrofoam based shelters on our property. Customer service was excellent!
  Did you find this helpful?    42 of 42 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Indiana. - 2/14/2020
Rating Thank you!
My handyman said this was so easy to assemble and that the directions were very clear. Thank you!
  Did you find this helpful?    18 of 18 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Broken Arrow OK . - 1/31/2020
Rating Easy to Assemble - So Happy with Purchase
This is a very well produced cat shelter. I'm so pleased with how easy it went together. It is well insulated and the fact that my cat will have a cozy and warm place to shelter in during colder weather makes me so happy!
  Did you find this helpful?    18 of 18 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Chapel Hill, NC. - 7/29/2019
Questions and Answers View all Q&A
Q: After the house is assembled, is the roof removable for regular cleaning inside and change of bedding?
Asked by: Diane L. - 9/6/2014
A: Yes, the top lifts off for cleaning. Check out the Image Gallery for a photo with the roof removed.
Was this answer helpful?    300 of 305 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/7/2014)
Q: I am new to this (I have domestic cats but our outside friend needs help). It survived the last 2 upstate NY winters and we fed it daily but it stressed me out b/c he wouldn't use any shelter. Can I feed the cat in this shelter? Is it only for shelter?
Asked by: Karen - 9/6/2014
A: You can use it as a dedicated feeding station if you like. Bear in mind that food should never be inside a sleeping shelters as food attracts other animals and the cats instinctively will avoid sleeping near food for that reason.
Was this answer helpful?    262 of 265 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/7/2014)
Q: Would it be possible for me to put a heating pad (one especially made for outdoor cats -- by K&H for example) in the sleeping quarters and drill a small hole in the side for the cord?
Asked by: Gina - 9/21/2014
A: Yes, we have a web page showing what folks have done for heating their shelters in our Articles page:

Was this answer helpful?    197 of 201 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/22/2014)
Q: how many cats fit in one shelter?
Asked by: sue - 9/4/2014
A: This varies by cats, which are all individuals. It will comfortably house one or even two adult cats, but it's not unusual for 2-3 younger (and smaller) cats to go into a shelter. Cats are not herd or pack animals, so as a rule, cats do not share their sleeping quarters. Although they may share a shelter, you shouldn't count on it, unless you know the cats are already sharing sleeping quarters.

(From Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.feralvilla.com/Frequently-Asked-Questions_b_2.html)
Was this answer helpful?    189 of 191 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/4/2014)
Q: I am from SE Pa and last winter was extremely long and cold (got down to the mid-20's). Will the fully insulated villa keep a feral cat reasonably warm or will a heated pad also be needed?
Asked by: Alicia C. - 9/8/2014
A: There is no need for additional heat in the shelter in that climate, provided that the cat has (1) access to water that isn't frozen and (2) ample nutritious food.
Was this answer helpful?    186 of 189 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/8/2014)
Q: Does shelter have a bottom ? Can one be added easily ?
Asked by: Fred - 9/19/2014
A: No.
(from the Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.feralvilla.com/Frequently-Asked-Questions_b_2.html)

"The lower level is not intended to protect the cats from weather or cold. It is not insulated, has a wind break assembly running through the middle of it and its purpose is strictly as an entryway to the upper level. The upper level is fully insulated and protected from wind and rain/snow. We do not offer an option for adding a lower level floor. "
Was this answer helpful?    153 of 161 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/19/2014)
Q: Can possums and raccoons get into the house?
Asked by: zipper - 9/4/2014
A: Yes; any creature of similar size and mobility can enter the shelter. No commercially available cat shelter is able to exclude other animals without the use of some kind of electronic device able to recognize the cat, usually by device on the collar, or using the cat's implanted microchip.
Was this answer helpful?    140 of 141 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/4/2014)
Q: I am in the Chicago area where last winter we had 16 degrees below temps. Will this keep the kitties warm in such terrible weather?? Very concerned about optimal warmth. Thanks.
Asked by: Tuffie - 9/13/2014
A: If you're need is truly optimal warmth, then any unheated shelter will not provide that in the winter. People are using these shelters without heat up into the northern states. It's important to remember that winter survival depends on the health of the cat. The cat must be in good health and provided with constant access to food and water. Surviving outdoors even with a heated shelter is no easy feat.
Was this answer helpful?    140 of 148 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/14/2014)
Q: I have some big cats. How big is the opening?
Asked by: VICKI - 9/16/2014
A: Unless you are referring to cats that are not of the normal domestic cat species (i.e. bobcats), they will fit through the opening. It's 6" wide and a little over 7" tall.
Was this answer helpful?    136 of 138 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/16/2014)
Q: You state that cats enter through either of the openings in the bottom. I see one opening so where is the other opening located in relation to the first opening (in the picture)?
Asked by: Barbcat - 9/13/2014
A: The other opening is directly across on the other side, which is a mirror of the side visible in the photo. Click on the Image Gallery button to see additional photos.
Was this answer helpful?    134 of 140 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Administrator (9/14/2014)